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Satyr Central is a radical leftist journal for all things writing that don't have a space of their own, or styles of writing within a genre that are not typical of the genre itself.


On this site, you'll find lots of fun lists, political satire, science fiction and fantasy stories, different styles of poetry, and some rants.


Yes, we would love to post your 500-word rant about why you hate slow elevators or why you think the Patriots winning the Superbowl for the millionth time is some absolute bullshit that you're tired of seeing and you don't understand why you're so invested in it when you don't even like sports, but you can't help but be caught up in the moment with all these fans losing their shit over it

...and so on.


Anything soulful & non-conformist.

However, the below forms can be helpful suggestions (and they happen to be our favorites).

(New!) Writing Thoughts/Advice

Got thoughts about being a writer? Advice for writing fantasy, sci-fi, satire, etc? Opinions on character arcs, worldbuilding, plot holes, and anything else to do with storytelling? Thoughts on your favorite or least favorite books? Share it with us!


I like lists. A lot. If you've seen some of our list posts, you might already be aware that I love dumb, goofy lists most of all. If you have a list of any kind, whether it's meant to be helpful or to entertain, I can promise you it's exactly what we're looking for.



Anything funny. It can be political satire, a news article, an interview, a story, anything, really. Nothing's off limits as long as it's funny and not something that will get us arrested if we post it.

Speculative Fiction (Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Stories).

We're a big fans of worldbuilding, so we'd love to see the worlds people have invented (whether it's through a short story or just a written description of your world). We're also happy to accept general speculative short stories that aren't necessarily grounded in the worldbuilding itself.


We like poetry! Special attention will be paid to poems with an interesting/unusual focus/style. Go nuts. We love that shit.


We're big fans of ranting. We're also big fans of hearing someone rant about something that we also want to rant about. I'm a firm believer in the philosophy that everyone is a writer when they're mad about something. So again, if it's well written and won't get us thrown in jail, we're happy to accept rants about pretty much anything.


Flip side of rants. We love to love, and we love to hear about you guys loving to love. So we're happy to accept you singing the praises of literally anything.

(Well, not anything. Some people like some weird shit.)

Flash Prose.

Flash us. Punch us. Tell truths about the virtual; lie about reality. Play with the space between here and now, between you and yours. Give us passion, moxy, chutzpah, and brevity.





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