When I first started Satyr, one of the things I aspired to someday do was create an ongoing web series that readers could vote on. Never had the patience to do it (ha!), but the fantastic Inverse Worlds is a great example of how to do it beautifully. This "crowd-sourced epic fantasy novel" allows you to decide what happens next simply by voting on the Twitter polls posted @InverseWorlds.

Monthly stories by the delightful and creative Jon Aaron Sandler, "stories about family, music, travel and catastrophic injury – and information on upcoming live readings." Yep, live readings! Jon is a good Twitter friend of mine (Brioche), a delightful dude to follow, and a great and entertaining writer.

One of our very first contributors with a unique eldritch, sci-fi/fantasy/horror mix. Not only does he frequently post short stories set in his delightfully bizarre and unique worlds, but he also frequently posts fun quizzes (wanna summon a demon? You can take a quiz for it!), a plethora of fun short stories to check out, votes on which short story gets posted next, and a newsletter that is far better curated and managed than ours (hey, I accept where I could use some improvement, friends).

A new site created by an absolutely delightful human being, Essi Stelander is all about ramblings, short stories, and recommended authors to check out. Considering we at Satyr Central love a good rant, a good short story, and a good shoutout to fun writers everywhere, we can't wait to see Essi's site develop and highly recommend that you check her out too!

I never shut up about how my major was basically a mix of political theory and speculative fiction, so when I saw this literary magazine for the first time, I was delighted. Dedicated to provid[ing] a space for fans to explore their own imaginations, Speculate This features the majesty of speculative fiction: sci-fi, horror, fantasy and dystopian/thriller in stories, poems and art. They're officially opening submissions on July 2nd, so both writers and readers, stay tuned!

One of the coolest author websites I've ever come across. Not only does the lovely Tonya Moore have a blog filled with writing advice, book reviews, and helpful/entertaining writerly discussions, but it's also where you can find her ongoing web series, Goddess of the Anthropocene. Follow the adventures of Cassandra Baron, a goddess embarking on a dangerous adventure to save her mother's life.

Maximillian Highmount

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