Have a website

Have a website

Updated: Mar 22

Hey, internet. I don't know what's going to come of this website. It might do pretty okay. It might really take off. It might fizzle out as we all move on with ours lives. But not knowing is half the fun, right?

So I'm looking to post all sorts of writing that I didn't have the pleasure to study as much in my time in college. As beautiful as prose can be, the imagination is limitless and there's so many different types of writing worth looking at. That's the kind of writing that we hope to exist for.

I'm posting a bunch of random shit that I've written to start off, but with any luck the site will gather the work of a huge range of different fantastic writers over time. We'll see!

That's all for now. Mwah.

-Brioche the Breadlord

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