Upload submissions below or send to our email at editors@satyrcentral.com! If sending by email, please include your name and the genre in the subject line. A short summary would also be greatly appreciated! If we accept your submission, we'll be in touch with more details to make sure we post it exactly the way you want it (pictures, format, social media handles, etc, etc).

Please note (update from Brioche 6/5/2020): We are currently paying $20 per submission and doubling up to donate to a protest bail fund or small business fund of the submitter's choosing if they are accepted. As much as I would love continuing $0.05 per word payments, I am a recent grad and a poor noodle and unfortunately cannot do that and the donations without the site being monetized.

Length Limit: We've been getting lots of submissions, which is super exciting! However, we don't have the time or resources to continue with limitless submissions, as much as I'd like to. For this reason, we're limiting submission word counts to 5,000 words.

Due to the influx of submissions, we are temporarily closing so Brioche can get her shit together and make sure to get back to everyone!

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